Founded in 1989 as a partnership between the First Unitarian Church, Oakland Union of the Homeless, and Oakland Community Housing Inc., Dignity Housing West (DHW) combines the vision of three organizations with unparalleled histories of service and advocacy within the community.

Based in Oakland, California DHW provides vibrant, affordable and mixed income housing that is both profitable and well managed. Focusing on the implementation of job creation, training, and retention programs, DHW fosters and further promotes the empowerment of the homeless by involving and employing them within all levels of the organization.

Today, with 300 units of affordable housing completed, DHW is recognized as a City of Oakland Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) that continually upholds its core initiatives of economic growth, affordable housing development, and community enrichment.

“Empowerment is achieved when the homeless participate in the decisions that affect their lives. Empowerment without secured employment is meaningless. DHW is about creating and sustaining the foundations that will make meaningful impacts on the full breadth of people’s lives.”…

Jabari Herbert